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What causes erectile dysfunction?

Many things can affect your ability to gain and maintain an erection. When erectile dysfunction happens, there might be several contributing issues, and it’s usually a combination of physical and psychological factors. Sometimes, there’s no clear reason for erectile dysfunction. However, in most cases, there’s a physical problem behind it.

Warning signs

In men with ED, symptoms and characteristics are cause for concern.

Sexual dysfunction may result from either physical or psychological factors. Many sexual problems result from a combination of physical and psychological factors. A physical problem may lead to psychological problems (such as anxiety, depression, or stress), which can in turn aggravate the physical problem.

Men sometimes pressure themselves or feel pressured by a partner to perform well sexually and become distressed when they cannot (performance anxiety). Performance anxiety can be troublesome and further worsen a man’s ability to enjoy sexual relations.

Naturally, erectile complications can be a difficult issue for couples to communicate with one another about. However, talking about what's going is a much more beneficial approach then pretending erectile dysfunction problems aren't happening or avoiding sex and intimacy without giving a reason.

Partners who are experiencing their partner having erectile dysfunction can blame themselves causing tension in the relationship. Typically speaking the most common thought process for a partner are as follows. "It's my fault". "My partner doesn't have the same feelings for me" and lastly "He isn't attracted to me". The reality and frustration for a man suffering from erectile dysfunction are that mentally they want to have intimacy but the body isn't playing ball. Alpha Male Clinic can assist with restoring performance and confidence.

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